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Our team members come from diverse background as Commuter science, theoretical linguistics, computational linguistics, Data science, Software engineers, and more


We work English, Hebrew, and many other languages, and we take active part in the development of universal parsing resources such as UD (universal dependencies). Currently, we are the only research lab actively developing Infrastructure for Hebrew NLP.

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Our research team is completely balanced in terms of gender! with male and female researchers at all levels. We come from diverse backgrounds and ages. We care that everyone feels safe and comfortable! Our creative sparks come precisely through that.


Everyone say 'Hi' :-)

PI: Dr. Reut Tsarfaty

Head of the ONLP lab. Interested in natural language programming, morphological, syntactic and semantic parsing. Recipient of ERC-StG Grant #677352 and an ISF grant #1739/26

Dr. Royi Lachmi


Dr. Victoria Basmova


Lab CTO: Amit Seker

MSc Student.

Shoval Sadde


Dan Bareket

Data Scientist.

Tzuf Argaman

PhD Candidate at Ber-Ilan University. Researching grounded and executable semantic parsing, zero-shot learning and multimodality.

Yochai Gurman

MSc student, looking into cause-effect reasoning and argumentation by day,
secretly interested in computational humor by night

Stav Klein

Linguist, unblackboxing RNNs, semantic parsing of Hebrew with CCG, morphological tagger in Hebrew


Here is a taste of the projects we are currently working on.

Natural language programming: Turning Text into Executable Code

Funded by an ERC-Starting grant #677352

2016 - 2022

In this project we view the programming task as automatically generating a system based on a verbal description of its behavior. Our task is to semantically parse natural language requirements into a formal executable system, using advanced statistical and deep learning methods

Automatic Broad-Coverage Cross-Linguistic Semantic Parsing

Funded by an ISF research grant #1739/26

2016 - 2020

In this project we use deep learning methods for acquiring broad coverage semantic representations that can accommodate morphological, morphosyntactic and morphosemantic phenomena in the same computational framework

Infrastructure for Hebrew Natural Language Processing

Constantly Ongoing

We develop state-of-the-art open-source Hebrew NLP resources and algorithms, including but not limited to Hebrew morphological and syntactic analysis, sentiment analysis, named-entity recognition and more

Check out our demo


Peer-reviewed articles

Paz-Argrman, Tzuf; Tsarfaty, Reut RUN through the Streets: A New Dataset and Baseline Models for Realistic Urban Navigation. EMNLP 2019

Tsarfaty, Reut; Seker, Amit; Sadde, Shoval; Klein, Stav. What's Wrong with Hebrew NLP? And How to Make it Right. EMNLP 2019 Demo Paper

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Seddah, Djamé; Kübler, Sandra; Tsarfaty, Reut. Introducing the SPMRL 2014 shared task on parsing morphologically-rich languages. In Proceedings of the First Joint Workshop on Statistical Parsing of Morphologically Rich Languages and Syntactic Analysis of Non-Canonical Languages. Pages 103-109, 2014

Cagan, Tomer; Frank, Stefan L; Tsarfaty, Reut. Generating subjective responses to opinionated articles in social media: an agenda-driven architecture and a turing-like test. In Proceedings of the Joint Workshop on Social Dynamics and Personal Attributes in Social Media, pages 58-67, 2014

Tsarfaty, Reut. Syntax and Parsing of Semitic Languages. Natural Language Processing of Semitic Languages, 67-128, 2014, Springer, Berlin, Heidelber

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