SPMRL Part of Speech Tags

ABVERB The word כ before numerals
AT Accusative marker את which appears as a separate word in written Hebrew
BN BN – participle (בינוני)
BNN Participle (בינוני) in construct state form
CC Conjunction
CD Numeral
CDT Numeral in construct state
CONJ Coordinating conjunction ו
COP Copula
COP_TOINFINITIVE The infinitive form of the verb היה used as a copula
DEF A special tag assigned to the definiteness marker ה, which appears with nouns, adjectives and numerals
DT Used in the treebank only for the determiner כל with a pronominal suffix
DTT Determiner
DUMMY_AT Accusative marker אתwhen used with a pronominal suffix
EX existential marker יש or אין
IN Preposition
INTJ Interjection
JJ Adjective
JJT Adjective in construct state
MD Modal predicates
NN Noun
NN_S_PP Noun with a pronominal suffix
NNP Proper noun
NNT Construct state noun
P Prefix written as a separate word (אי, בלתי,אנטי etc.)
POS Possessive preposition של and accusative marker את with a pronominal suffix
PREPOSITION Inseparable preposition
PRP Personal pronoun
QW Question word
S_PRN Personal pronoun attached to a preposition as a pronominal suffix
TEMP Subordinating conjunction introducing time clauses
VB Verb
VB_TOINFINITIVE A verb in its infinitive form
yyCLN Colon
yyCM Comma
yyDASH Hyphen or dash
yyDOT Period
yyELPS Ellipsis (...)
yyEXCL Exclamation point
yyLRB Left parenthesis
yyQM Question mark
yyQUOT Quotation mark
yyRRB Right parenthesis
yySCLN Semicolon